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Following CBSE Curriculum

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Admission Criteria

ClassDate of Birth in Between(Start)Date of Birth in Between(End)AgeDate as on
Nursery4/1/20203/31/2021If the child is 3 +31st March 2024
LKG4/1/20193/31/2020If the child is 4 +31st March 2024
UKG4/1/20183/31/2019If the child is 5 +31st March 2024
Class I4/1/20173/31/2018If the child is 6+31st March 2024
Class II4/1/20163/31/2017If the child is 7 +31st March 2024
Class III4/1/20153/31/2016If the child is 8 +31st March 2024
Class IV4/1/20143/31/2015If the child is 9 +31st March 2024
Class V4/1/20133/31/2014If the child is 10 +31st March 2024
Class VI4/1/20123/31/2013If the child is 11 +31st March 2024
Class VII4/1/20113/31/2012If the child is 12 +31st March 2024
Class VIII4/1/20103/31/2011If the child is 13 +31st March 2024
Class IX4/1/20093/31/2010If the child is 14 +31st March 2024
Class X4/1/20083/31/2009If the child is 15 +31st March 2024
Class XI4/1/20073/31/2008If the child is 16+31st March 2024
Class XII4/1/20063/31/2007If the child is 17 +31st March 2024

Important Information

  • On the day of interview candidates should be accompanied by both parents. They should carry with them the Original Corporation Birth Certificate along with Hospital/Nursing Home Discharge Certificate, a Medical Fitness Certificate and Income Certificate of either of the parents.

  • Original Birth Certificate is to be shown for collection of forms.