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Rules & Regulations

1. Guardians coming to drop and pick up their wards must be on time i.e. within 8:25 am. 

2. Students must be supported by their guardians to reach school in time for the Morning Assembly without students becoming casual about punctuality.

3. Parents must carry the Escort Card to the school during dispersal time.This is compulsory, and essential for the student’s security.

4. No child can be taken home during school hours unless there is an emergency, in which case the school office may be contacted.

5. No parent shall be allowed to meet his/her ward in school during school hours. 

6. In case your child is unwell and not fit to come for a class test, please send a leave note with a Medical Certificate on the day of re-joining. Under no circumstances will the child be permitted to go home. If your child is unwell please do not send your child to school.

7. Attendance on the first and last working day of every term is compulsory. Parents are requested to plan their vacation in accordance with the School Diary.

8. Parents must fill in the “Regularity Record” in the Diary for absence up to two days. If the student is absent from school for a longer period, a leave application, addressed to the class-teacher must be submitted. A Medical Certificate is necessary in case of absence for three days or more.

9. Leave for going out of station during the school session will not be allowed. 

10. It is compulsory for every student to complete at least 75% attendance in the academic session, to be eligible for the final examination and also for promotion to the next class. The percentage could be relaxed on medical grounds, at the sole discretion of the Principal.

11. Attendance is compulsory on certain days of the academic year:

a) Non-instructional activity days like Teachers’ Day, Children’s Day, Sports Day, etc.

b) A fortnight before the Half-Yearly and Final Examination, before the end of a term and at the start of a new-term.

c) A school working day amidst several public holidays.

12. An Admit Card will be issued before the term examination on clearance of attendance and fees.

13. Parents may meet the Principal or teachers only through prior appointment with the school office by sending a mail with the student details and purpose of the meeting to [email protected].

14. No teacher should be called from the class for a meeting with the parents or on the phone during class hours.

15. Saturdays and Sundays are holidays. Parents are requested to fix their appointments with teachers on Fridays between 12.30 p.m. and 3 p.m. only.

16. Parents must attend the Parent-Teacher Meeting held after every examination. Parents will not be entertained if they are late for the PTM.

17. Kindly check updates for all unforeseen circumstances on our website.

18. All relevant details must be duly filled in the personal data form in the diary in triplicate.

19. Any change in the residential address, telephone number or other details given at the time of admission/mid-session should be intimated by a written application to the Front Office routed through the Class Teacher. This is very important for your child’s security and for us to contact you in case of an emergency.

20. Belongings – Each article must be labelled with the student’s name. 

21. Parents are directed not to enter classrooms to see their children or teachers during school hours. They can meet teacher only on P.T.M. days or at a time fixed by prior appointment.

22. Parents are requested to inform the school if there is any change in their address or telephone numbers in the form of a written application and deposit the same at the school Administrative office.

23. Parents should note that no permission will be granted for early leave on weekly test day.

24. Any communication made by the parents/guardian should be adddressed to the Principal through the class teacher. The address and phone number, admission number, class and section of the child should be clearly mentioned in the application.

25. The School note or any sort of application to the Principal or the management should be written in english on a neat full scape paper.

26. The school Almanac should be filled in completely with all the information required. The name, registration number, Class, section, and House of the pupil should be clearly marked on all the belongings of the student.

27. Parents should check the almanac everyday and note the homework and other instructions given.

28. Mobile and electronic gadgets are prohibited in school campus.